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Bubbly Bath
* Starting price
Nail trim
Ear cleaning / Plucking if needed
Paw Pads
Shampoo / Conditioning
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Bubbly Touch up
* Starting price
Nail trim
Cleaning/plucking ears
Touch up Groom (face, feet & tail)
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* Price depends on size, breed & location

Additional Groom Services

Anal expression $15

Brushing teeth, $5

Bows $5

Flea bath $10

Blueberry Facial $5


Handling Fees

Some pups require special attention due to aggression, this will be discussed prior to the groom if necessary $15


Terms and Conditions:

1. All pets must be up to date on vaccinations, proof of vaccinations are required on first visit.

2. We pride our selves in providing a stress free environment for your pets and will not preform any service that causes undo stress or pain to the animal. Please inform of us any health or behavior issues prior to service so we can accomodate your pet accordingly.

3. We provide a pest free envrironment, to that end we like to make sure that all animals with fleas are given a flea bath before grooming. Please inform us if your pet has fleas so we can treat before we groom. Note you will be charged for a flea bath.

4. Please note that a matted coat can cause health conditions including itching, irritation, and skin infections. If an excesive amount of mats are found in the dogs coat we have two options. we could either do a closer cut to remove the mats, or we could take the mats out by hand for a charge of a $1.00 a minute. We will give you the option.

5. In case of emergency groomer will bring pet to vet at customers expense.

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